Student Life

Lifelong Guidelines & Lifeskills

This year you will be seeing and hearing a lot about the Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills. At Valentine Elementary we believe that all students should exhibit responsible personal and social behavior toward self and others. This program is a practical and powerful resource for creating a sense of community that significantly enhances academic learning by providing tools for citizenship and life. Take the time to review the Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills from Susan Kovalik & Associates to become familiar with these expectations. For more information, visit The Center for the Future of Public Education - Books for Educators.

Lifelong Guidelines




Our Garden

Valentine Elementary students have been helping care for our small garden, which can be found planted alongside our schoolyard. Decorated with stones painted and signed by our students, the garden grows a variety of fresh produce including tomatoes, squash, zucchini, carrots, and herbs. Working in the garden is tied to students' science curriculum, and the resulting produce has been used as entries in the Mohave County Fair, and will be used in the kitchen as soon as we can get one built!

Bookmobile - Library on Wheels

Once a month, the Mohave County Bookmobile makes its way to our school. The Bookmobile provides not only for our students, but to the local community as well, providing the opportunity to check out books and other media across all genres. The Bookmobile is a great way for students to access new stories and to explore worlds both real and fictional, all from the comfort of their classrooms.

Mohave County Fair

Every year our students enter projects in the Mohave County Fair in Kingman, Arizona. The students work on the projects during the previous school year. Projects range from individual to whole class, to entire school entries. Produce from the school garden is entered in the fair every year. When the Mohave County Fair opens each year, our entire school travels from Truxton to Kingman to experience the event, view all the entries from around the county, and see how our projects did in the judging. Participation in the Mohave County Fair has become an annual tradition for Valentine Elementary School students.