Federal Impact Aid Surveys

Each year, our school conducts a survey to determine how many of our students fall into categories that are eligible for Federal Impact Aid Funding. All families are asked to participate in the survey. More information regarding the survey can be accessed here. The survey itself can be accessed here. We ask that you have these surveys completed and turned in by October 10th, 2019.

No After-School Clubs on October 17, 2019

Child Find for Home-Schooled Children

If you are the parent or guardian of a child that is being home-schooled, Valentine Elementary is hosting an open informal meeting to provide access to the Child Find Program. Child Find helps to identify children who have disabilities and connect them with the proper resources and services. The meeting will be held on October 29, 2019, from 3:00 to 3:30 PM. It will take place in the Board Room on the Valentine Elementary School campus located at 12491 N. Byers St in Peach Springs, AZ. Click here for more information regarding the meeting and program.


Move On When Reading

In accordance with Arizona State Laws, students in the 3rd grade cannot be promoted to the 4th grade if they score below the cut score on the reading portion of the AzMERIT exam. This is to ensure that students are reading efficiently before they move on to higher grades. There are some exemptions for this law, including students who are English Language Learners or who have a specific IEP. For more information regarding the Move On When Reading Legislation, please click here.

After-School Tutoring

Tutoring sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school. Our teachers and aides will be providing extra support for students who need it. Students will be able to receive help in any subject and will be given more individualized instruction to fortify their understanding. Families can pick up their students after the tutoring session, but there is an additional bus run that will bring students home.

After-School Activities

Art Club and Gardening Club will take place on Thursdays after school. Art Club will be starting with pencil drawings. Strategic Games and an extra Gardening Club session will be available on Mondays.
Clubs and activities are only available to students who have no missing assignments in their classes. An additional bus run will bring students home after the activities, or families are free to pick them up.
Other activities will be added as the year goes on. Students are welcome to suggest club and activity ideas to teachers and staff based on what they would like to do or learn more about.

ParentVUE Portal

Click here to login to the ParentVUE Portal.

If you haven’t signed up to use the ParentVUE program yet, you can contact the school office for help with setting up your account. The Portal allows families to keep an eye on their student’s grades and attendance.


Annual Financial Report

Valentine's annual financial report can be found here on the ADE website, by selecting "Valentine Elementary District." Valentine's proposed and adopted budgets can be found here, by selecting "Valentine Elementary District."

Mohave County School Superintendent

Mohave County School Superintendent Michael D. File heads up the Mohave County Educational Service Center. His office can be reached at (928)-753-0747.

The newly painted hallway in our Primary Building.

The newly painted hallway in our Primary Building.

crazy dress2.JPG

Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, we want to share some safety tips with our students’ families to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe holiday. You can read our tips and tricks here. We go over costume safety and how to be cautious when you’re out trick-or-treating. Have a fantastic time celebrating Halloween, and stay safe!

SCIence Rules!

Our K-4 Students have an immersive science program this year which gives them the opportunity to be scientists, complete with “lab coats” and badges! One of our first lessons was centered around testing the effects of gravity. Students were able to see the differences of both height and weight as our custodian, Mr. Clouse, dropped different fruits from various heights. He even dropped a watermelon off of the school’s roof! This experiment has definitely exploded our students’ passion for science.

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