VESD School Board Meetings

Board Meetings and Agendas

VESD School Board

The VESD School Board has a monthly meeting, held in the school’s main office on the second Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise specified). Our current governing board members are Mr. McPherson, Mr. Hopper, and Mrs. Tabor. Mr. McPherson is the current President, and Mr. Hopper is the Clerk.

Getting Items on the Agenda

There are forms available in the school’s main office for members of the public to request to address the board. During the monthly meeting, there is a Call to the Public shortly after it commences. Members of the community are given three minutes to address the board about their proposed topic. The board will not respond to statements given by the public, but they will be able to make a motion to have the item added to the next month’s agenda. If the item is added to the agenda, members of the public will be given five minutes to speak on the topic during the next meeting’s Call to the Public.