Student Life


Our Garden

Valentine Elementary students have been helping care for our small garden planted alongside our schoolyard. Decorated with stones painted and signed by our students, the garden grows a variety of fresh produce including tomatoes, squash, zucchini, carrots, and herbs. Working in the garden is tied to students' science curriculum, and the resulting produce has been used as entries in the Mohave County Fair, and will be used in the kitchen as soon as we can get one built!



Every other Wednesday, the Mohave County Bookmobile makes its way to our gates. The Bookmobile provides not only our students, but the local community as well, with the opportunity to check out books and other media, throughout all genres. 


Mohave County Fair

Our teacher Mr. Byrne helped our students manage and organize their artwork entries for the 2018 Mohave County Fair. Students submitted colored pencil drawings, string art, Popsicle stick constructions, collages, and many other works to the Fair, earning a rainbow of ribbons. We want to encourage your student to submit their original pieces for the 2019 Mohave County Fair. Mr. Byrne or Miss Radcliffe would be happy to accept artworks of all mediums and hold them until next year’s submission period.



The kindergarten classroom is manned by Mrs. Radcliffe and Mrs. Blanton. This year marks Mrs. Radcliffe’s fourteenth year of teaching, and Mrs. Blanton’s third. Together they work to help our youngest students build strong educational foundations, with an emphasis on phonics, grammar, and number sense. The classroom incorporates many different teaching methods and techniques, from using hands-on manipulatives to interactive kinesthetic lessons. There are also many furry friends that call the classroom home, including two rats and three guinea pigs.



1st & 2nd Grade

Mrs. Clouse and Miss Sutherland join forces to take on our first and second graders. They strive to make their classroom feel like a community, where everyone is treated with kindness and takes care of each other. On top of the normal academic curriculum, Mrs. Clouse and Miss Sutherland also help teach our youngsters about taking responsibility, having pride in their work, and being self-sufficient.

Reading is really important in our classroom. It’s a skill that I am trying to help them grow, so when they leave my classroom, they can take on anything put in front of them.
— Tracy Clouse, 1st and 2nd Teacher


3rd & 4th Grade

A 21st Century classroom is brought to life by Mr. Byrne and Mrs. Greer. The duo have incorporated several flexible seating methods around their classroom for the students to use at different times throughout the day. Many of the lessons are hands-on, interactive, or encourage teamwork among classmates. The drive to learn new things will keep propelling this class into the future!



5th & 6th grade

Ms. Veveiros and Mrs. Stephenson are the head of the 5th & 6th Grade Classroom. With more than twenty years of teaching experience between the two of them, the team aims to expand the minds of their students and embrace each colorful, unique personality. Language Arts is popular among not only the students, but the teachers as well. Reading and writing have been incorporated throughout the curriculum to help students explore subject matter, figure out how they personally identify with information, and to encourage them to express themselves.



7th & 8th


Mr. Wilson has 38 years of teaching experience, and he is joined by Mr. Kershaw, who is in his third year. These gentlemen pride themselves on maintaining a structured classroom. Despite the need the keep everyone on task and working efficiently, they also work to meet the individual needs of each of their students, ensuring that everyone can be successful.