About Valentine:

Valentine Elementary School is a K-8 school located in Truxton, Arizona. It is the only school in Valentine Elementary School District #22.

Valentine Elementary Superintendent    Mr. Angle

Valentine Elementary Superintendent

Mr. Angle


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Our Staff:

Superintendent - Mr. Angle
Office Manager - Ms. Blount
Kindergarten - Mrs. Radcliffe and Mrs. Blanton
First / Second Grade - Mrs. Clouse and Mrs. Sutherland
Third / Fourth Grade - Mr. Byrne and Mrs. Greer
Fifth / Sixth Grade - Ms. Veveiros and Mrs. Stephenson
Seventh / Eighth Grade - Mr. Wilson and Mr. Kershaw
Special Education - Mrs. Radcliffe and Miss Radcliffe
SNAP-ED (1st Wednesdays) - Ms. Daugherty 
Bus Drivers - Mrs. Blanton and Mr. Kershaw
Custodian / Maintenance - Mr. Clouse